Monday, December 31, 2012

Doll Face

Kira at 8 years old
1/365 Kira. She is such a sweetie! This photo marks my first photo in my 365 venture. New Years Eve, 2012. She has recently lost two teeth to the Tooth Fairy. Kira could live off of eating chicken nuggets and pizza everyday if you let her. Surprisingly tho, she does enjoy mashed potatoes with gravy and chicken. She is not a big fan of going to school and rather stay home to play Legos and watch SpongeBob (yuck). Legos were a majority of her Christmas and birthday presents. She also received an iPod touch for Christmas. It has wi-fi and allows her to be able to text and call people who also have Apple products. It's been fun. I love texting back and forth with her! It sounds silly but having her iPod is helping her to read and spell when we text each other. Watch out if I don't text back right away! "Mom! Did you get my message? Why haven't you texted me back yet?!" So happy :) She has so much energy that some days it's hard to keep up! I love her so <3
A few reasons Kira is fabulous, a questionnaire her teacher asked her when she was Fabulous Friend of the week, ( my thoughts are in parentheses)
1. If you had a $100, what would you get? a mansion with a pool in the backyard and a massager. (sounds nice, I wish $100 went that far!)
2. If you wanted to stop anything in the world, what would it be? a giant monster.
3. What is your favorite holiday? Easter (mine too!)
4. What is your favorite color? blue (I thought it was pink)
5. What is your favorite song? Call Me Maybe
6. What is your favorite insect? A butterfly
7. What is your favorite homework to do? Ok, I pick spelling. (LOL)
8. What is your favorite thing to do? Make cupcakes with my mom :)
9. What do you like to do on the computer? play games on it. I play games all day on my sister's computer and doesn't even know it. 
10. If you had a car where would you go? drive it to McDonald's for lunch everyday.
She is has quite the imagination!

Getting Started

My lil belly

I found I was pregnant in March, 2012. My sister, Krista, suggested I start a blog. There were a few reasons to do it. It would document my growing tummy and also my little one when he got here. It would also help keep us connected. I wasn't crazy about the idea. I didn't want to put in the time or effort. Now my little man is 7 weeks old! The time has flown by! It has made me realize that I do want to try and document him as he grows, and also my whole family. I want something I can look back at and see how we've grown and/or changed. 

Krista also suggested the idea of doing a 365 project. We would take a picture a day for the next year. Seems simple enough. I'm hoping that it will remind me to carry my camera with me more often to capture the journey. I love my Nikon and it sure hasn't gotten much of a work out lately!  I'm definitely excited to try and keep up with this! Wish me luck! :)