Friday, May 17, 2013

I did it!! (almost)

Tomorrow is the pinning ceremony for LPNs and RNs, and I will be there!! I am beyond excited. I did it!! I passed all the hardest parts of the first year nursing program. Before I can get my license to be nurse I have one last general class to take, Advanced A&P. I just never had time to take it before. I'm taking it online this summer. Its done the first week in August, so by the end of August I should be able to take my boards and get my license!! It was a tough two years of stress, studying and juggling, but I did it! I still kind of am in shock that I got this far. But I have a great support system! Without my family I wouldn't have gotten this far at all. Thank you so much! Even with two summer classes, I hope I have a little time to relax. Sounds like we have a busy summer planned! :)

Besides talking about school...I just want to say, I have the cutest family! <3

 We love walking across the street to play at the park. Jax has discovered that he loves to swing!


  1. Congratulations! We are proud of you. And I don't know how you did this last semester with a newborn! I can barely find time to take a shower most days.

  2. Thanks!! Sometimes I sit back and wonder how I did it too! Lol, Jax and the girls can be such a handful! Good thing Kyle can be pretty helpful ;)