Monday, January 7, 2013

Guess who's home?!

Jax was pretty excited to see his sisters home
Mr Handsome
 8/365  Both my girls are finally home! They get to spend the whole week together. Hopefully the week gets better, Kira's anyway. Today I didn't remind Kaci to pick up Kira, I kind of thought she would remember since it was Monday. Kaci got home, by herself. She forgot Kira today. I ran out the door. I looked all over school. She was no where to be found. I took off and started on the route I remember Kaci telling me they take home. There she was, 1/4 of the way home. I was so relieved! Needless to say she was in tears. "They forgot me!" I felt so bad, and I know Kaci did too. When we got home, Kaci told her how sorry she was. Kira said, "It's ok." She bounced back pretty quick and was ready to play. At least now I know she knows how to get home if for whatever reason she needed to do it again.

And while the girls were away at school, this is how we spent our morning :)
Romeo :)



  1. Look at all those pretty faces! Jax in his bow tie onesie and pants reminds me of Urkle for some reason ;) He looks so much more alert in these photos. Where did you get that cute photo book?

    Bummer for Kira, I bet she was scared. Glad she knew what to do to get home. I hear Kaci has been having fun changing diapers, haha.

  2. Haha, that's funny, the Urkle comment. He is very alert now. He stays up a lot during the day, sometimes too long. lol. Then he gets overtired. I think I picked the photo book up at Target on clearance.

    Kira was scared, but I think upset more than anything. I'm glad she bounced back fast though :)

    Kaci, change diapers? Lol. I had to come home from my trip downtown because it was a poopy blowout! I got home and it was all up the front and down his legs!