Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Funday...

14/365  Another quiet day around here. We discovered that Jax likes playing in his playpen for now. He will lay there, giggling and smiling. It's helpful to lay him in there sometimes when I need to get things done. But usually when I need to get things done is the time he doesn't feel like staying in there!  

Kaci likes to make silly faces for him :)
Kira off in her own world playing legos :)

Dinner time came around. Guess who wanted to help? Of course Jax wants to help me cook! :)  I can hardly ever get this little man to sit in his swing anymore. Most babies love swings, not him. Tonight was one of the rare nights he sat in it. It probably looks silly that my phone is in his lap, but we were actually listening to Pandora on it. Little man loves music! I say it's because I would play music on my phone and hold it on my tummy when I was pregnant. He is singing and "dancing" in this picture. 

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