Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This is Me

3/365  I am so very happy. I have everything I could every ask for right now. I am blessed. With all the wonderful things in my life, it makes me feel guilty to say how bummy I feel too often. I know everyone has their ups and downs but lately my downs outweigh the ups. I just can't shake it. Most of the time I don't even have a reason. Sometimes it's because of my self-confidence. It's kind of low right now. Mostly because I'm super self-conscious lately. I have quite a bit of extra weight I'm not used to and it's just not coming off like it used too. I stay in my yoga pants 98% of the time. They say it gets harder to lose weigh as you get older, lol. They were right! I'm working on it tho. Working on the happy, trying to eat healthy, and work out. The last two are super hard! I love food too much to ignore the good ones :) The exercise? I'm going to try Insanity. So we shall see. 

On a lighter, more fun note, look at this little man! He is really growing and getting strong!


  1. great photos of yourself! I like the candid one where you are looking down. Jax takes great photos too.

  2. Thanks! I forgot to give Kyle credit here. He actually took the two of me :)
    It's hard to not take pictures of those chubby cheeks!